07. May



Data, data, data: Which data help fight against the virus?

COVID-19 confronts our society with immense challenges. How can data help to contain the pandemic and what role do AI and machine learning play in this?

As Germany's largest research organisation, Helmholtz is making important contributions to overcoming the corona crisis by conducting top-level research. Xenia von Polier is talking to Helmholtz researchers Prof. Alice C. McHardy (HZI) and Prof. Fabian Theis (HMGU) about methods to reconstruct and limit the spread of the pandemic and the development of vaccines.The session will also focus on the role of data science as a key to modern cutting-edge research. The pandemic makes it very clear that science has to analyse ever larger and more complex data sets and increasingly requires special qualifications in data science.

The Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA), Germany's largest postgraduate training network in the field of Information & Data Science, trains the next generation of scientists for this purpose: Data Science for the future of reasearch!

The conversation will be held in German.

Join us on May 7 at 4 pm on !