Current call for proposals

New PhD positions

Three renowned institutions are involved in the Helmholtz Information & Data Science School for Health (HIDSS4Health): the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and the University of Heidelberg. Here, more than 40 research groups with a unique research spectrum offer an ideal starting point for solving central challenges in the field of health.


HIDSS4Health currently calls for applications for 14 new doctoral positions in the following topics:


ID01: Learning a World Model of Surgical Oncology for Cognitive Assistance Systems in Laparoscopic Surgery

ID02: Supervised Machine Learning to Predict Radical Transfer Mechanisms across Collagen Genetic Disorders (SMaRT) 

ID03: A Network-based Approach in Support of Comprehensive Data Exploration and Informed Decision Making for Tumor Boards 

ID05: INNpin: Invertible Neural Networks for Predicting molecular Interactions

ID06: Data-driven Gamification to Improve Quality in Medical Image Annotation Tasks (GaMeIT)

ID07: Inverse Radiotherapy Treatment Planning using Machine Learning Outcome Prediction Models 

ID08: Xeno-Learning for Spectral Image Interpretation in Surgery 

ID09: The Virtual Fridge: Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Biomolecular Dynamics Spanning from Individual Experiments to Large Ensembles

ID10: Temporal and Global Consistenc Enforcing Segmentation for Real World Radiological Applications 

ID11: Comparative Visual Analysis of Tissue and Cancer Growth in Simulations and Experimental Data 

ID12: Data science approaches to evaluate and correct bias in single-cell transcriptomics 

ID13: Leveraging large-scale single-cell datasets for personalized cancer cell-of-origin inference 

ID14: Visual Data Analysis of Geometry Changes in Carbon Ion Radiotherapy 


A more detailed description of all projects can be found here.


The deadline for applications is 01 March 2021.


For more information about HIDSS4Health and the application process, please contact directly the colleagues at HIDSS4Health.