Declaration of consent

Declaration of consent to the publication of data from the report

The Hermann von Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers (HGF e.V.) intends to publish your photo, e-mail address and other details from the report on the Internet at and in social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) in order to increase the visibility of former program participants.

I agree that for this purpose the photo provided by me may be published on the Internet and used in social media (Twitter, LinkedIn). If my photo contains references to my ethnic origin, religion or health (e.g. skin color, headgear, glasses), my consent also refers to these details.

Information on the Internet is accessible worldwide and can be found with search engines and linked to other information, which may be used to create personality profiles about me. Information placed on the Internet, including photos, can be copied and distributed without any problems. There are specialized archiving services whose goal is to permanently document the state of certain websites on certain dates. This can mean that information published on the Internet can still be found elsewhere on the original site even after it has been deleted.

This consent is voluntary. I can refuse it without giving reasons and without having to fear any disadvantages. I can also revoke this consent at any time in text form (e.g. letter, e-mail). My data will then be immediately removed from the website and from social media.