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HIDA collects, pools, and publishes existing education and training programs on Information & Data Science from all Helmholtz Centers and HIDSS. In addition to that, HIDA complements its portfolio with own activities such as conferences, summer schools etc.

Courses, seminars, hackathons, summer schools, conferences, and symposia: This site will soon provide an overview of all HIDA and HIDSS activities.


The HIDA trainee network promotes the exchange of expertise in Information & Data Science between groups from different Helmholtz Centers and research fields. The network allows the transfer of methods between institutions and helps scientists expand their portfolios by learning new methods and techniques. The network also serves to initiate and deepen scientific collaborations.


Doctoral reseachers and postdocs (trainees) apply their methodological knowledge at other Helmholtz institutions and in other areas of research, strengthening their interdisciplinary skillset. HIDA thus consistently promotes the intra-Association exchange of cutting-edge methods by the best minds, while also offering reseachers the opportunity to expand their research portfolio. Helmholtz Centers that host trainees benefit from new ideas and methods from other areas.

HIDA’s trainee network focuses on medium-length resident stays (one to three months) for doctoral reseachers and postdocs from other Helmholtz Centers.


National and international experts (fellows) are recruited as trainers for HIDA, the regional HIDSS, and Helmholtz-wide events and/or for resident research stays in the Helmholtz Association. Fellows can also be recruited internally from Helmholtz. These top-level researchers will be able to establish and deepen excellent networking contacts in and with Helmholtz during their fellowships.

Fellowships can last for one week up to one semester and can take the form of a visiting professorship, for example.


Trainees and fellows will recap their experiences and learnings in brief reports. These reports will be especially helpful to doctoral reseachers who are not connected to a local research school (HIDSS).

Dr. Claudia Reschke

  • Adviser Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA), Strategic Initiatives
  • Helmholtz Association

Susan Trinitz

  • Adviser Strategic Initiatives
  • Helmholtz Association