Training and further Education

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HIDA collects, pools, and publishes existing education and training programs on Information & Data Science from all Helmholtz Centers and Helmholtz Information & Data Science Schools. In addition to that, HIDA complements its portfolio with own activities such as conferences, summer schools etc.

Jobs, courses, seminars, hackathons, summer schools, conferences, and symposia: This site will soon provide an overview of all HIDA and Reserach Schools activities.


Data Science Schools

have been implementing their attractive programmes in close cooperation with partner universities since September 2018

Exchange Programs

HIDA plans to establish exchange programs for data science talent with various universities and research institutions internationally. As a pilot project, an exchange program with Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel, will be launched for the first time in summer 2020. This program offers the Helmholtz Centers the opportunity to host data scientists from Ben Gurion University for six weeks, introducing them to exciting data science projects in the association’s six domains. In this way, hosts get to know data science talents from Israel's Cyber Cypital and find exciting answers to their questions. Conversely, also in summer 2020, data scientists from the Helmholtz Centers will have the opportunity to visit Ben Gurion University for a research project as well.

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The HIDA Trainee Network is a new exchange programme for all doctoral and researchers (trainees) who work at a Helmholtz Centre and whose research work has a strong connection to information or data sciences. It enables one to three month research stays at another Helmholtz Centre, financed by HIDA. HIDA thus creates new types of cooperation between Helmholtz researchers and also increases the visibility of the centres. In addition, HIDA promotes the transfer of expertise in the field of Information & Data Science with its trainee network and ensures that methods are also shared between groups from different Helmholtz Centres and Research Fields. Intra-community exchange is consistently promoted via the best brains.

New opportunities for young researchers

At the same time, HIDA offers young scientists the opportunity to apply their knowledge at other centres of the Helmholtz Association and in other research domains, to expand their research portfolio and to position themselves on an interdisciplinary basis. The host Helmholtz Centre will again benefit from fresh ideas and methods from other domains. The programme is aimed at all researchers and doctoral students with a research interest in the information and data sciences. Doctoral students are recommended to have at least twelve months of research experience within their doctoral studies at the time of the exchange. The one- to three-month programme is also aimed at young researchers who are not associated with a Helmholtz Information & Data Science School.

The grants

There are basically two funding options: Young scientists who already hold a doctorate receive a research grant to finance the respective research project. Alternatively, Helmholtz-internal researchers and doctoral candidates can receive funding for travel and material expenses for their research stay (for doctoral candidates, the settlement as travel and material expenses reimbursement is obligatory). The first application round is scheduled to start in Q2 2020. The exchange can take place from summer 2020.