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Would you like to work on the grand challenges of our time? Combine domain research from the six Helmholtz research fields (energy, earth and environment, health, matter, key technologies and aeronautics, space and transport) with the latest methods from information & data science. Work in a highly innovative environment in one of the 19 Helmholtz Centres. Find your next job here - from doctorate to professorship.

Please note the open calls of the data science schools and apply now for your PhD position!


Open positions at DASHH

Data Science in Hamburg - Helmholtz Graduate School for the Structure of Matter (DASHH) 


12 Open PhD Positions for Interdisciplinary Data Science

(End of application period 01 December 2020)

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Open positions at MUDS

The Munich School for Data Science

is calling for

PhD applications for students with a background in

- computer science, data science or similar, 

- in one of the domain sciences biomedicine, plasma physics, earth observation and robotics with a very strong focus in computer science, data science or similar, or

- in interdisciplinary study programs combining both

(End of application period: 23 november 2020)

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Open Position at Helmholtz Zentrum Munich

Open PhD postition in the Marsico’s lab, ICB Helmholtz Zentrum Munich to work on an exciting project at the interface between immunology, RNA biology and statistical modeling / computational biology

Application deadline: 31 october 2020

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