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Helmholtz Visiting Researcher Grant

The Helmholtz Visiting Researcher Grant offers doctoral students and postdocs the opportunity to do a fully-funded short-term research stay at one of the 18 Helmholtz centers. The program is promoted by HIDA, the Helmholtz Information and Data Science Academy.

Insight into the Helmholtz Association

The aim of the program is to enable new research collaborations, to foster knowledge exchange, and to explore new or emerging research topics in the field of information and data sciences. The program addresses researchers in both academia and in industry whose research has a strong link to the (applied) information and data sciences. It offers researchers the opportunity to get to know the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centers.

HIDA is tasked to support the mission of the Helmholtz Association – solving the major challenges facing society, science and the economy by conducting top-level research in strategic programs within six research fields: Energy, Earth & Environment, Health, Aeronautics, Space and Transport, Matter, and Information.

The locations of the 18 Helmholtz Centers are spread all over Germany.

How does the HIDA Visiting Research Grant work?

We offer financial support for a self-organized research stay in a department/working group in one of the 18 Helmholtz centers. Your research must have a strong link to the field of (applied) information & data sciences.

  • Who can apply: Postdocs and doctoral students from (inter-)national research organizations and researchers from industry (Master's degree with at least 3 years of research experience, or PhD). If you are a postdoc at one of the Helmholtz centers and are interested in a research stay at another Helmholtz center, please apply for the HIDA Trainee Network.
  • Duration: HIDA offers funding for a 1-3 months research stay.
  • Funding: You receive a research grant from the hosting Helmholtz center (2,860 EUR per month plus allowances).


  • Step 1 Contact a research group at one of the 18 Helmholtz centers to discuss the possibility of a 1- to 3-month research stay.
  • Step 2 You and the hosting Helmholtz center (e.g. head* of the corresponding research area or group) can apply for a Helmholtz Visiting Researcher Grant to financially support your stay.  
  • Step 3 Prepare for your stay and get inspired by the fascinating world of Helmholtz research!

The next round of applications will start in January and end on March 15, 2022. You will then find a link to the application portal here.

Before applying, please read our application guidelines carefully. The review process may take approximately 3 months.

Please note: In view of the ongoing pandemic, it is possible to plan the research stays virtually or in a hybrid format (with individual work meetings and presence phases), provided that this is reasonable and possible with the given research program and is done by mutual agreement of the applicant and host. The stipend rates will then be adjusted accordingly. HIDA also endeavors to approve research stays at a later date that cannot take place in presence due to the pandemic situation.

Find the right project and host

Are you looking for an interesting project and a suitable host who can provide you with professional support? Learn more about how to proceed and who to contact here: 

Host Profiles

Become a host

If you would like to host a visiting scientist for a short research stay in your group, sign up here on our list of Helmholtz hosts!

Call for hosts

Do you have any Questions?

Take a look at our FAQs or send us an email at You can also get in touch with the contact persons at the Helmholtz centers. For more information on funding opportunities, click here.


All applications are reviewed by a selection committee. This committee consists of the HIDA Steering Committee, which is composed of representatives from the Helmholtz Research Fields and the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Schools.

For the awarding of the grants, the motivation of the applicant, the quality and originality of the project as well as the basic feasibility within the time frame of the planned research stay are particularly decisive. Furthermore, a relation to the field of Information & Data Science as well as the added value for the research portfolio of the Helmholtz Association must be clearly recognizable. The funding commitment is made in coordination with the Helmholtz centers.

Final Report and Certificate

After the research stay, applicants are requested to send HIDA a report on their activities at the hosting Helmholtz center. The final report should be submitted to HIDA within 3 months after the end of the research stay. Upon receipt of the final report, HIDA will issue a certificate of participation in the Helmholtz Visiting Researcher Grant.

Do you have further questions about the application process or the program?

Feel free to contact us.


Stefanie Gruber-Sliva
Advisor HIDA Trainee Network


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