05.10.2021 - 10.10.2021

Tuesday, 09:00 bis Sunday, 09:00

Campus Süd des KIT, Kaiserstraße 12, 76131 Karlsruhe

KIT Science Week

Michael Schmitz für Helmholtz/HIDA

As a large research and education institution, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is in permanent dialog with its stakeholders in politics, science, industry, and the public. KIT communicates science and its findings to citizens, but also receives impetus from society and integrates it in its work. Dialog with society is one element of their mission as University of Excellence.

One of the measures to foster KIT’s interaction with society is the KIT Science Week. This idea was born when writing the successful proposal for the University of Excellence. The event will take place for the first time from October 5 to 10, 2021. It will combine a high-ranking international scientific conference with dialog formats for the public. The KIT Science Week builds on and complements formats for communication with citizens that are currently used by KIT. The first KIT Science Week will focus on artificial intelligence. Its title will be “Der Mensch im Zentrum Lernender Systeme” (the human being in the center of learning systems).

The program will cover the complete scope of AI applications in production and work, mobility, healthcare, nursing care and households, weather and climate (in particular, data analysis) as well as communication. Together with representatives of politics and industry as well as citizens, the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence and how AI can be used for the benefit of our society will be discussed.

During the KIT Science Week, keynote speeches, TED talks, panel discussions, an exhibition, a citizens dialog platform, or guided tours will provide citizens interested in science and cultural work with exclusive insight into research activities relating to learning systems.

Get a first glimpse into the program in the KIT Science Week information brochure