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Call for Hosts: HIDA Research Grants

Join your fellow Helmholtz colleagues, create your host profile and welcome an early career researcher at your center! Help us build an interdisciplinary community of data scientists!

Are you looking to attract fresh ideas and new talent to your working group? Are you working on a project you would like to bring to the next level together with an early career data scientist? You have the data, but you are still looking for a suitable method and brain power to decipher its full potential?

Become a host of the HIDA Research Grants (Trainee Network and Helmholtz Visiting Researcher Grant) and welcome an early career data scientist (doctoral researcher or Postdoc) from another Helmholtz Center or an external institution to your group for a 1-3 months fully-funded research stay! Find out here about other

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We would be glad if you would create your profile here and help to expand our host list in this way:

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Please note: In order to become a host, it is not mandatory to create your profile in the database. This is only an offering of HIDA to make your group and your research more visible to potential candidates.


What is the goal of the program?

To connect researchers from different research fields, enable the exchange of knowledge and methods, and build an interdisciplinary community of data scientists.

How much effort does it take to participate in the program?

HIDA and the respective Helmholtz Centers are responsible for the administration and coordination of the program. The application process is easy and the administrative load minimal for host supervisors.

Who can join your group for a research stay through the HIDA Research Grants?

Doctoral researchers and Postdocs whose research has a strong link to the (applied) information and data sciences. Applicants from national or international research organizations and universities as well as from the private sector can apply for the

Helmholtz Visting Researcher Grant

or from other Helmholtz Centers for the

HIDA Trainee Network


Please help us spread the word about these funding opportunities.

For questions and comments, please contact Teresa Weikert.


Stefanie Gruber-Sliva
Advisor HIDA Trainee Network


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