HIDA Lecture @SummerAcademy I

Friday, 16.09.2022 · 10 a.m.
Online / HIDA Office

Speaker: Itzik Klein (The Hatter Department of Marine Technology  Charney School of Marine Sciences, Autonomous Navigation and Sensor Fusion Lab, University of Haifa, Israel)

Title: Data-Driven Inertial Sensing

Date: 16.09.2022, 10 a.m.

Abstract: The purpose of navigation is to determine the position, velocity, and orientation of manned and autonomous platforms, humans, and animals. Obtaining accurate navigation commonly requires fusion between several sensors, such as inertial sensors and global navigation satellite systems, in a model-based nonlinear estimation framework. Recently, data-driven approaches applied in various fields show state-of-the-art performance, compared to model-based methods.  In this talk, we address data-driven based navigation algorithms, recently derived at the autonomous navigation and sensor fusion lab. The purpose of those algorithms is to enhance common navigation and estimation tasks and open new possibilities for accurate and robust navigation. Data driven inertial navigation topics included in this talk will highlight hybrid learning and end to end learning approaches for different platforms and applications such as: pedestrian dead reckoning with inertial sensors, quadrotor dead recooking, learning vehicle trajectory uncertainty by hybrid models, and autonomous underwater vehicle navigation.


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