HIDA Lectures @MarDATA

Thursday, 10.11.2022 · 3:30 pm

HIDA Lecture @ MarDATA

Speaker: Prof A. Murat Eren, Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity
at the University of Oldenburg (HIFMB): Lab https://merenlab.org

Date: 10.11.2022, 3:30 pm

Title: "The era of high-resolution, integrated multi-omics: disturbingly complex and beautifully unique displays of the ecology and evolution of marine microbial life"

The vast majority of life on our planet is microbial. An astonishing number of microbial organisms living in terrestrial and marine habitats represent a biomass that exceeds every living organism that can be seen by naked eye. They complement their numbers with their inconceivable diversity that allow microbes to synthesize or break down a wide array of chemical substrates, and govern biogeochemical cycles that make Earth a habitable planet for much less talented organisms (such as ourselves). While advances in molecular biology and sequencing technologies now enable unprecedented descriptions of the diversity of our naturally occurring microbial overlords, we are far from being able to make sense of the extremely complex datasets our environmental surveys yield almost on a daily basis. The purpose of this talk is to highlight some of the recent progress and challenges that are particularly suitable for data scientists to ponder.



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