HIDA Lectures @ MarDATA

Tuesday, 25.06.2024 · 03:00 pm

HIDA Lectures @ MarDATA

Speaker: Ute Bönner, SINTEF Ocean, Trondheim (Norway)

Date: 25.06, 03:00 pm

Title: Revolutionizing Ocean Science: Exploring Digital Twins

In this HIDA Lecture, Ute Brönner (SINTEF Ocean, Norway) talks about the enormous potential of digital twins in ocean research. The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine defines a digital twin as a virtual construct that mimics the structure, context, and behaviour of a natural, technical, or social system and is dynamically updated with data from its physical twin. This bidirectional interaction between the virtual and physical system is crucial. Digital twins thus go beyond traditional digital applications by offering deeper integration and more comprehensive simulations.

For ocean science, digital twins present unique challenges in the areas of data acquisition, communication, storage and standards, and require advanced interactive user interfaces to explore different "what-if" scenarios.

In this talk, Brönner will address these aspects and provide insights into the intersection of computer science and marine science.

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Ute Brönner

Ute Brönner is a researcher at the Norwegian research institute SINTEF Ocean in Trondheim. With a background in mathematics and computer science, she focuses on ocean observations and ecosystems within the climate and environment department. Since 2010, Ute has been involved in environmental risk assessment for marine industries. She is passionate about integrating available data with both existing and new software to support decision-making and promote sustainable ocean use.

Ute Brönner is responsible for demonstrating pilot applications in the Digital Twins of the Ocean project, Iliad, an EU-funded initiative aimed at creating interoperable digital twins from existing ocean observatories and applications, through an integrated digital framework for comprehensive maritime data and information services.


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