HMC Fair Friday

Friday, 07.06.2024 · 10 am

Speaker: Dr. Robert Huber

Title: Discipline-specific options and standardized output of F-UJI, a tool to automatically assess and improve the FAIRness of research data


The FAIR principles have become pivotal in advancing the openness and accessibility of scientific data. However, their current definition lacks specificity and often overlooks the unique context of different disciplines.

To address this gap, there is a growing need for discipline-specific FAIR metrics that align with community practices. Additionally, with the potential proliferation of such metrics, standardization becomes imperative, including machine-readable formats for both metrics and test results.

This presentation introduces F-UJI, a leading tool for automating the assessment of dataset FAIRness. It delves into the FAIR impact approach, outlining how domain-specific metrics are defined and implemented within F-UJI. The session also covers the standardized serialization of FAIR metrics and test outcomes.

F-UJI, offered as an open-source web service, supports mainstream domain-independent standards while accommodating select discipline-specific formats and FAIR practices. A user-friendly web application, accessible under this link, facilitates swift FAIR evaluations of individual datasets.

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To stimulate and support interdisciplinary exchange, the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration HMC in close cooperation with the HIDA is organising the HMC FAIR Friday lecture series. It is aimed at experienced actors in research data management as well as scientists from all research fields of the Helmholtz Association and beyond.

HMC FAIR Friday will feature talks by high-ranking national and international speakers who will bring all participants (even) closer to the world of FAIR data, deepen individual aspects and stimulate discussions.


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