HMC Fair Friday

Friday, 09.12.2022 · 13:00

FAIR for Research Software

Speaker: Dr. Leyla Jael Castro

Abstract: In this talk we will introduce the FAIR for Research Software principles (as defined by the Research Data Alliance Working Group FAIR4RS in 2022) and will guide the audience on some resources proving support to apply them to your own research software.

HERMES: Easing the path to FAIR software publications

Speaker: Oliver Bertuch

Abstract: Research software must be formally published to satisfy FAIR principles and unlock academic credit. Publication repositories enable this and provide PIDs for software versions, but only through tedious, mostly manual process.

The HERMES project develops tools and automatable workflows, distributed as open source software to streamline this process. We follow a push-based model and run in continuous integration infrastructures.

Rich descriptive metadata is the key element to useful software publications. We harvest existing metadata from source code repos and connected platforms, then process, collate and present them for curation, thus preparing software for automatic submission to publication repositories.

This talk will outline our concept, describe the current state of development, and detail on "research software readiness" of our target platforms.

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To stimulate and support interdisciplinary exchange, the Helmholtz Metadata Collaboration HMC in close cooperation with the HIDA is organising the HMC FAIR Friday lecture series. It is aimed at experienced actors in research data management as well as scientists from all research fields of the Helmholtz Association and beyond.

HMC FAIR Friday will feature talks by high-ranking national and international speakers who will bring all participants (even) closer to the world of FAIR data, deepen individual aspects and stimulate discussions.


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