Helmholtz GPU Hackathon 2022

Monday, 21.03. - Thursday, 31.03.2022 · 21.03.2022, 29.03.-31.03.2022

For this year’s Helmholtz GPU Hackathon the organizers have partnered with the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy and the AI Campus in Berlin as well as NVIDIA and OpenACC.org, to provide a unique opportunity to all scientists and industry partners to accelerate their AI research and/or HPC codes. All teams will receive expert mentorship from academia and industry leaders to work in a collaborative environment.

The Helmholtz GPU Hackathon is a multi-day event designed to help teams of three to six developers accelerate their own codes on GPUs using a programming model or machine learning framework of their choice. Each team is assigned mentors for the duration of the event.

The Helmholtz GPU Hackathon will be hosted in a hybrid mode in the Central European Time (CET) zone. AI Campus Berlin is allocating large portions of their collaborative working spaces to host teams in person and provide the most immersive Hackathon experience. 

  • The AI Campus is situated in Max-Urich-Straße 3, 13355 Berlin.

Team communication for online/hybrid teams will be done through Zoom, Slack, and email. Each team will be assigned to a breakout room to work with mentors on their codes and will present reports (SCRUMS) on their progress to all participants in the main room daily.

Deadline for the team application is January 25, 2022!

For application, more information & questions click here:



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