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HIDA – the Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy – is Germany’s largest postgraduate training network in information and data science. We prepare the next generation of scientists for a data-heavy future of research.

HIDA connects and serves as the roof to 6 newly founded Helmholtz Information & Data Science research schools linked by a network of 14 national research centers and 17 top-tier universities across Germany. During the next 5 years, these data science research schools will train over 280 fully funded doctoral researchers.

The doctoral researchers will deepen their knowledge in data science methods and learn to combine knowledge from the six Helmholtz research areas – energy, earth and environment, health, aeronautics, space and transport, matter, and information – with data science methods. For these purposes, all doctoral researchers receive dual supervision in data science and their scientific domain.


Million Euros

... the amount spent every year on funding HIDA activities, directly providing basic and continuing training to doctoral researchers.


Helmholtz Information & Data Science Schools

... are part of HIDA.


expert scientists

... will be trained in Information and Data Science.

The six Helmholtz Information & Data Science Research Schools


PhD researchers at the Helmholtz School for Data Science in Life, Earth and Energy conduct research in biological and medical sciences, geosciences or energy systems / materials sciences.

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The research field of the Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science covers marine ocean sciences and climate research in combination with Information & Data Science.

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Biomedicine, energy and geo research as well as robotics are the focus of research at the Munich School for Data Science.

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Research areas at HIDSS4Health are Imaging & Diagnostics, Surgery & Intervention 4.0 and Models for Personalized Medicine.

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At the Data Science in Hamburg – Helmholtz Graduate School for the Structure of Matter, basic research on the structure of matter, computer science and applied mathematics is conducted.

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At the Helmholtz Einstein International Berlin Research School in Data Science, research is conducted in the fields of medicine, transportation, geology, and climate.

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More HIDA offers

In addition, HIDA offers doctoral researchers and scientists attractive opportunities to obtain training and continuing education in a wide range of methods and to become part of an international data science network.

  • We are the central hub for knowledge exchange on data science within the Helmholtz Association, Germany’s largest research organization.
  • We provide financial support for the organization and expansion of training courses within the Helmholtz Association in the field of Information & Data Science and we offer our own data science training courses as well as access to Germany’s largest computer systems and some of the world’s largest scientific Big Data Sets for doctoral researchers and postdoctoral researchers.
  • Our HIDA Trainee Network is a novel exchange program for all doctoral and postdoctoral researchers whose research has a strong connection to information or data science: Trainees can apply their data science skills at other research centers, learn new skills and expand their research portfolio across domains.
  • We foster data science collaborations across disciplines and borders and establish international and national exchange programs for data science talent with universities and research institutions.
  • We promote transfer of expertise in the field of Information & Data Science, fueling method exchange between different research fields. Our goal is to spark collaborations and build an interdisciplinary community of data scientists.
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[Translate to Englisch:] Das HIDA-Office befindet sich in der Friedrichstraße 171 in Berlin Mitte. Bild: Helmholtz / Elena Hungerland
The HIDA Office is located in Friedrichstraße 171 in Berlin Mitte. Picture: Helmholtz / Elena Hungerland

The Berlin HIDA office is part of the Helmholtz Head Office in Berlin-Mitte. It is a space for an education and training program and conferences on Information and Data Science. The HIDA office supports all questions regarding basic and continuing Information & Data Science training.

Urban, open, and accessible – the Berlin HIDA office facilitates exchange and networking regarding Information & Data Science throughout Helmholtz.

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Are you interested in HIDA activities? Get in touch with us.

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Dr. Andreas Kosmider

  • Head Strategic Initiatives
  • Helmholtz Association

Susan Trinitz

  • Adviser Strategic Initiatives
  • Helmholtz Association

Dr. Claudia Reschke

  • Adviser Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA), Strategic Initiatives
  • Helmholtz Association

Danielle Metzler

  • Adviser Talent & Technology Scout Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA), Strategic Initiatives
  • Helmholtz Association

Xenia von Polier

  • Press Officer Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA), Strategic Initiatives
  • Helmholtz Association

Dr. Sophie Ehrmanntraut

  • Adviser Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA)

Viktoria Schwarze

  • Eventmanagement Advisor for Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA)

Sandra Pahl

  • Assistant Administration
  • Helmholtz Association

Pamela Bernstein

  • Welcome desk Helmholtz Information & Data Science Academy (HIDA)
  • Helmholtz Association