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HIDA Annual Conference
Data Science & Health: "Next-generation biomedical image analysis competitions"
HIDA Lectures @ HEIBRiDS
Programming with R
German Reproducibility Day
Data Science Colloquium: Machine Learning for X-Ray and cryo EM at SLAC
HIP Winter School 2021
AI-Hero Hackathon on Energy Efficient AI
Data Science Seminar: Statistical Recovery of Compositional Discrete Structures
7th International Autumn School on AI and Big Data
ML@Hereon 35: A Rare Case of Medium Range Weather Forecasting Well Done with Resnets
2. Helmholtz Open Science Forum: Helmholtz in der Nationalen Forschungsdateninfrastruktur (NFDI)
First steps in Python-Programming
Python from 0 to Data Analysis for KIT
Introduction to Supercomputing at JSC - Theory & Practice
HIDA Lectures@HEIBRiDS: The Data Donation Project - How wearable sensors can help in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis
HIDA Lectures@HDS-LEE: Machine Learning for Scientific Discovery, with Examples in Fluid Mechanics
MarDATA Online Lecture Series: "Marine Data Visualization: Ocean Data View"
61th Online Seminar: Open Access Publishing – Zooming in on Copyright and CC Licenses
ELLIS Life/NCT Data Science Seminar: Machine Learning for Single Cell Omics
CfA: campusSOURCE Award 2022
TEACH - Talk about Education Across Communities in Helmholtz
ORCID DE Online-Seminar "Persistent Identifier in Publikations- und Affiliationsrichtlinien"
Data Science Colloquium | Prof. Kutyniok | “Deep Learning meets Shearlets: Explainable Hybrid Solvers for Inverse Problems in Imaging Science"
ML@Hereon episode 35: "One column, many steps"
Women in Data Science: Prof Julia Schnabel
Helmholtz Open Science Praxisforum Forschungsdatenmanagement
Applying Data Science
Programming with Python
Programming with R
GitLab for Software Development in Teams
Project Management with GitLab (Cancelled)
Test Automation with Python (Rescheduled)
ML@HZDR Symposium 2021
CASUS Annual Workshop 2021 - "Digital Twins of Complex Systems"
62. Helmholtz Open Science Online-Seminar: Die IPCC FAIR Datenrichtlinien aus der Sicht des IPCC Data Distribution Centres (DDC)
Einführung in Python
Data Science Colloquium | Prof. Gohlke | “Enzyme function - much to understand, optimize, and discover"
Introduction to Scalable Deep Learning
Helmholtz GPU Hackathon 2022
6. ORCID DE: ORCID in erweiterten Kontexten – Ergebnisse und Ausblick von persistenten Identifiern in Wissenschaft und Kultur
Version Control with Git
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Health (AIDHeal)
Data Science & Health: "Trends and Topics in Text Analytics"
Data Science & Health: "Combinatorial Optimization Techniques for Bioimaging"
Data Science & Health: "Machine Learning for Genomics"
Data Science & Health: "Introduction to Visual Data Science"
Version Control with Git
Foundations of Research Software Publication
Foundations of Research Software Publication
Test Automation with Python
Test Automation with Python
GitLab for Software Development in Teams
GitLab for Software Development in Teams
Helmholtz AI special edition seminar - Joris van Eijnatten
Information Event on HIDA Researcher Grants
Introduction to Shell + Git + GitLab
First Steps in Python
Software Carpentry (Shell, Git, R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis)
Data Science Colloquium | Prof. Noé | “Deep Learning for Molecular Physics"
HIDA Lecture @ HIDSS4Health
Introduction to parallel programming with MPI and OpenMP
Data Carpentry: Genomics
ML@Hereon Episode 39: "Extreme Events, Modest Models"
63rd Helmholtz Open Science Online Seminar
Introduction to R & Statistical Models with R
Infosession for Helmholtz Scientists - Become a Host for the HIDA Research Grants
RDA Deutschland Tagung 2022
Data Science Jobs for Health @ Helmholtz
Graphics with R
ML@Hereon Episode 40: "Foiled Again?"
DLR OpenSearch Colloquium: Information Extraction and Entity Linking for Semantic Web Search
2. Helmholtz Open Science Forum: Forschungssoftware
Science Communication - Write Your Own Blog
Introduction to Shell + Git + GitLab
ML@Hereon Episode 41: "Futureproof your training data"
Data Carpentry: Ecology with Python
Reproducibility for Matter Research - Reproducibility in Research by R4E
Reproducibility for Matter Research - Foundation of Research Software Publication
Introduction to Statistics
Mixed Models
64th Online Seminar: OpenAlex
Multivariate Statistics
Introduction to R
Graphics with R
Introduction to Statistics
Multivariate Statistics
Helmholtz AI Virtual Roadshow
HMC FAIR Friday in coop. with HIDA
ML@Hereon Episode 42: Paint-by-numbers - Connect the little dots to forecast weather
Helmholtz Open Science Forum: Open Science und Transfer
Introduction to Indico
Introduction to Python (3)
Analyzing and Visualizing Geospatial Data with MATLAB
Data Science with MATLAB
Software Development Practices with MATLAB
Fundamentals of scientific metadata - why context matters
Mixed Models
Version control using Git and RStudio
Imaging - From Organisms to Molecules
HMC FAIR Friday in coop. with HIDA
Statistical Models with R
Imaging - From Organisms to Molecules
Imaging - From Organisms to Molecules
Imaging - From Organisms to Molecules
Imaging - From Organisms to Molecules
Imaging - From Organisms to Molecules
Imaging - From Organisms to Molecules
First Steps in Python
HIDA Lectures @ HEIBRiDS: Title: "The Data Donation Project - How wearable sensors can help in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis"
Helmholtz AI Conference 2022
Helmholtz Imaging Conference 2022
ML@Hereon: Episode 45 "Data-driven discovery of Governing Equations"
Data Science Colloquium on Aprilr 21st, 2021 | “Statistical Challenges in Protein Dynamics Modelling”
Helmholtz AI CountMeIn Challenge
ML@Hereon: Episode 46 "Mapping to the Windows"
HMC FAIR Friday in coop. with HIDA
EU Reform Research Assessment
Helmholtz Entrepreneurs – From Idea to I Did
Incubator Summer Academy - From Zero to Hero
Applying Data Science
Enabling reproducibility in data science - learn why it matters and how you can do it
Introduction to OOP in Python
Continuous Integration in GitLab
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