Programming with R

Montag, 25.10. - Donnerstag, 28.10.2021 · 9:00 - 13:00

Programming with R

This workshop covers data analysis and visualisation in R focusing on working with core data structures, using conditionals and loops, writing custom functions, and running R programs from the command line.

All Software Carpentry workshops include an introduction to Bash shell scripting and version control with Git, along with R.

Learners will gain confidence in using the command-line to navigate their file structure and work with files on their computer, culminating in writing custom Bash scripts to automate repetitive analyses.

They will learn the core concepts of version control and be able to implement a simple Git workflow for tracking their own work.

Please note: All course sessions run from 9 am to 1 pm CEST.

Target Group

The course is aimed at Helmholtz researchers and partner institutions. It is appropriate for learners with some previous programming experience, in R or other languages.

A workshop sponsored by HIDA in cooperation with HEIBRiDS and The Carpentries

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